Lean Thinking - The Roadmap to Business Success

The "Standard Business Roadmap"© Continuous Improvement Step By Step

Lean Thinking models come in many forms. The difference with this one is ...... It is tried and tested and proven to WORK! Not by academics or people who have studied Lean systems in Universities, but by people who have done it at all levels of organisations from Toyota to Rotary.

Used by Change Agents, Managers and Consultants on the front lines.

The acid test for ANY business improvement system is;

“Does it work ?”

This system is no different.

Results are today’s business currency.

Without results no system is worth the paper it’s written on.

This system is not based on business improvement theory or strategic waffle, it’s based on hard won experience and developed by people who have used the tools contained within it to get measurable results.

Time after time.

Follow the process, step by step, in the order it is laid out and you Will get results. GUARANTEED !

This system can be used for areas from an individual department or small business right up to major corporations.

Theories and complex business improvement models may look impressive in boardroom presentations, but only action gets results.

A highly structured 5 phase approach for major business improvements : - Standard inputs produce Standard outputs

(For a detailed description of each of these phases, click on the relevant link at the foot of this page)

1. Diagnostic – Get a clear picture of where you currently are

2. Stability – Get control, consolidate and put in a solid foundation from which to build

3. Strategy – Get a clear vision of the direction you want to go, and put the plans in place to get there

4. Action – Don’t worry about getting it right, just get it going

5. Evaluation – Evaluate success so far and create next future state.

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From a lean thinking viewpoint, all major departments within the company have a role to play as we move through each phase.

In the diagnostic phase a thorough business evaluation will take place including lean assessments, value stream mapping and cultural assessments to give you a clear picture of the current state of your business.

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- Once you have a clear picture of where you currently sit and through recommendations made from the business assessment, anomalies in the basics will be clearly visible.

Addressing these in the recommended manner will give you the stability of a solid foundation from which to drive forward.

- Once an accurate current state and a stable foundation have been achieved, the vision and goals are set along with realistic plans of how, exactly you are going to get there.

- Time for action - Using whatever Lean, or any other improvement tools are applicable in your situation, drive the changes forward.

- In this phase it is vitally important you do not neglect the cultural aspects of your corporation - this is where the "Gateway" step of this phase comes in. You may also decide to engage the services of a cultural change expert at this point. This will accelerate your change impetus. (See the "Culture" section of this site for more details)

- Finally - Evaluate your success, consolidate your position and continue on to the next stage of the cycle.

to get some real

Lean Thinking Business Improvement

Lean Thinking

From a business improvement viewpoint these timescales are meant as a guideline only

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With each cycle you will notice the business management "Noise" growing less.

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To get the "5 steps to lean" fully in place took Toyota many years.

Here is an overview of how and when each of the 5 steps would be implemented.

It is worth remembering that although having the "5 steps to lean" in place in your company is a great goal, it isn't an absolute necessity.

One full cycle through the Lean Thinking "Standard Business Roadmap"© will bring about changes in your organisation of such magnitude, that this may well be more than satisfactory for you at this moment in time.

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Click on the links below to see a more detailed description of each phase of the "Standard Business Roadmap" ©(Copyright)

Diagnostic Phase
Stability - Business management foundation
Action - Continuous Improvement
Business Improvement - Evaluation

Continuous Improvement & Business Improvement through Lean Thinking