Cause and Effect - Learn from the Farmer

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Earn What you Deserve….

                A question I get asked repeatedly by internal improvement consultants and client improvement team members, who I have acted as a mentor for is; “How can I earn more”, or more often “I wish I earned as much as you”. Now my response doesn’t always go down that well, as it is very direct but very true! You will always earn what you deserve to earn, not what you want to earn.

                So in answer to the question, “How can I earn more”, the simple answer is – Deserve more! By this I mean, get better at what you do, become better educated in your subject matter, learn the skills you need to get paid more. It is hard work and takes effort but the rewards are a by-product of the work you put in.

Let me explain this in language that improvement people will understand – Cause and Effect. For every effect there must be a cause, so if your income is the ‘Effect’, the actions you take and the level of knowledge you have and how you use that is the ‘Cause’. In short, YOU are the ‘Cause’, so to change the ‘Effect’ (Your income), you need to change the ‘Cause’ (You). Get better at what you do and the effects of that will be the benefits you reap.

The farmer understands the law of cause and effect better than most. He knows that the harder he works up front, ploughing and planting and being vigilant in keeping away pests, the better the harvest he will get and the more he’ll get paid. The work HAS to be done BEFORE the rewards can be reaped. This is the law of cause and effect. Most people get this backwards and expect to get the benefits before putting in the work but unfortunately for them, the universe doesn’t work that way.

 So, if you want to earn more, learn from the farmer who’s been following this simple law for millennia, get better at what you do, study for your black belt, deliver projects on time and deliver benefits out of the back of these over and above what was expected and learn from those who’ve walked the road before you. A good mentor is worth their weight in gold.

 Most importantly, take responsibility for your own life and career because nobody else can put the work in for you, just as you wouldn’t ask anyone else to do your breathing for you. Start now, put the work in now and you’ll reap the rewards.

 It’s your choice but always remember, you’ll always earn what you deserve!

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