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Our mission here at “BeyondLean Ltd.” is a simple one.
We aim to provide YOU with the tools and knowledge to engender change in YOUR business……..In short we’ll help you to help yourself.


We help organizations improve processes and performance. We can either take a practical hands on approach to delivery, using Lean Six Sigma techniques to drive improvement, or we can facilitate change throughout your organization, or we can advise on improvement strategy in your operation. Whatever you requirements for improvement, we can help you deliver meaningful and measurable change.

Lean Training

We are experts in Lean Six Sigma, Leadership and Operational Excellence. And our training courses are available in a range of delivery formats to suit your needs, Whether it’s our world-class online portal, our exceptional classroom courses, or our practical learning simulations, we have capability to upskill your colleagues and build internal expertise. We have also helped organisations develop their own ‘in-house’ courses – whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.

Lean Six Sigma, Lean or Six Sigma Success depends on much more than just Tools

Are you are a small company with a limited budget looking for information or advice, or maybe wanting to get hold of some basic training material to roll out yourself in areas you have identified as needing some attention ? Whatever your needs, we will be able to help. Even if it’s just some advice you need!


One of the main errors in any change program is the assumption that people need very little training, particularly Senior Management.

If you want to really ensure your program gets off the ground and sticks – Get your senior management enrolled on a Lean Six Sigma Certification course as soon as you possibly can. This will ensure that the behaviours of the Senior Team will align with the direction of the improvement efforts.

Implementing lean manufacturing or Six sigma

Implementing lean manufacturing or Six sigma or TQM or BPR or ……or ….. should be a relatively straight forward process for any business, the processes involved aren’t difficult or complex and most of them are based upon common sense.
If you speak to any consultant or black belt they will tell you exactly the steps needed to implement the changes, in the order required.
Follow these steps and you have a changed organisation ………… Don’t you ?
One vital flaw in the equation – an unknown variable – PEOPLE –


You can view & enroll in our online courses below

Lean 6 Sigma 289 Days

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training and Certification

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training and Certification

Getting certified as a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt is your first step on your journey to becoming an expert in problem solving, business improvements and giving you greater marketability and earnings potential.

Lean 6 Sigma 289 Days

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification

Our on-line Green Belt Training was developed to meet today’s changing business environments by deeply experienced, highly successful Lean Six Sigma Experts. With decades of experience saving organisations in virtually every industry hundreds of millions of dollars, our Training draws on what our experts practice every day in the field to provide you with the most effective way to learn and implement Lean Six Sigma.

Lean 6 Sigma 289 Days

Lean Six Sigma Training & Black Belt Certification On-line

The Black Belt is an expert team leader, statistical analyst, and project manager – all rolled into one. As a Black Belt in training, you will learn how to master this diverse set of “soft” and “hard” skills so that, when you complete the course, you can quickly lead critical projects to successful completion.