Lean Sigma Certification - Why Choose This Course ?

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Lean Sigma Certification Online Course Review

Lean Sigma Certification Online Review Report
Side By Side 9 Point Expert Review

Article By Erik Kampe, M.S - BPM Consultant, Integrative Performance, LLC
(reprinted with permission June 2019)

Let's get straight to the point...  Lean Six Sigma is extremely popular currently!

Most training opportunities are limited to classroom instruction, expensive and poorly supported for working professionals. Furthermore, most online and offline training centers DO NOT combine Lean and Six Sigma methodologies in one comprehensive course, and require you to take multiple courses that can take 3 times longer to complete and are twice as expensive!

Below are 3 (as of Aug 2019) online courses that are a True FULL Lean Six Sigma course.

In this new emerging training market there is a clear leader - BeyondLean Ltd. who have established themselves firmly as the Lean Sigma Certification & Training provider leader. They have been providing their flagship course online since 2005 long before the explosive trend of merging the 2 methodologies in late 2008. Their first to market presence clearly gives them a significant lead on other providers who are struggling to adapt their course material. The offering from Beyondlean, when compared to others is simply a value that can not be dismissed even under close scrutiny. Mr Paul Swift, Beyond Lean's executive director, manages the online certification and provides customer service that indicates he actual apply's lean-Sigma principles to the operation of his training center. When I contact all 3 courses, I had a response from Paul in less than 12 hrs - I was so impressed with the time he spent with me - his care and concern for my needs and career was unparallelled. He explained that Lean-Six-Sigma is not for everyone, it takes a certain type of person to actually thrive wiin the real world of business efficiency consulting. It is not often that you find an online business training company that is actually interested in your success.

Lean Sigma Certification course comparison

Instructor Type*: This criteria measures the quality of instruction on a scale of Theory led instruction or 'Real World" experience led instruction (. Most courses are training centers who outsource and hire trainers to deliver the course material - this is called Trainer provider. The "Active Consultant" designation refers to instructors who are actively engaged applying the lean-sigma principles in real world projects. Take Me Directly To The Lean Sigma Certification Site to get at least 90% discount off the prices quoted above

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