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Lean Manufacturing Training Material

Lean Manufacturing Products available to download direct to your PC ...

Complete suite of Lean Manufacturing Downloads available - including:

Lean Manufacturing Audit Software, Lean Manufacturing Metrics, Lean Manufacturing Tools & Techniques.... And much, much more.

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Lean Manufacturing Powerpoint Training Material

Individual Lean & Six Sigma, fully editable ppt training presentations

The following Lean & Six Sigma training presentations are now available to purchase individually - Save yourself hours of time, simply copy over to your own company powerpoint template and you're ready to go for just $15.00 each.

Once you have made payment via Paypal the download box will automatically pop up for you to save direct to your pc.

Lean | Six Sigma Training Presentations Available:

5S / 5C powerpoint

A3 Reports - How to create and use them.

Corporate Culture Transformation

Focussed Improvement Teams (Kaizen Events)

Line Balancing (Yamazumi)

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

Poka-Yoke (Error Proofing)

Pull Systems

SMED (Single Minute Exchange Of Dies / Quick Changeover)

Six Sigma Overview

Takt Time

TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)

Value Stream Mapping - Current State

Value Stream Mapping - Future State

If the Lean or Six Sigma Training material that you require is not listed above, please fill in the form below with your requirements and we should be able to provide what you need from our massive library - for the same price! Just $15.00

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Standard Business Roadmap - Full Package Of Lean Manufacturing Tools

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“Lean ‘Secret’ Revealed…

Ex ‘Toyota’ Consultant Reveals The Secret Ingredient In Any Successful Lean Transformation… And How You Can Use This To Slash Your Costs And Lead Time In 5 Simple Steps !

Without The Need For Costly Consultants…..”

'The Standard Business Roadmap'

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Get More Info - SBR Full Package JUST $99.00 Lean Manufacturing Products and much more!

SBR - Lean Implementation Manual
Your Step By Step Guide To Making Lean WORK!

For a limited period only....

Get the Standard Business Roadmap Implementation Manual - Which is the Step by Step Guidebook for all the above Packages ..... PLUS These free bonuses .....

Cultural Assessment Software Tool - Which automatically generates recommendations (It TELLS you what you need to do next!), AND Provides a KPI for you to track your progress!

Terms of payment Presentation - Common sense, but not common practise!

Standard Business Roadmap Overview presentation - Lean Manufacturing and all it's necessary peripherals summarised!

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SBR Lean Manufacturing Machine Shop Package

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Get started on the 'Road To Lean' with this Machine Shop pack:

"One of our recommended Lean Manufacturing Products"

- Standard Business Roadmap Implementation Manual.(Value - $149.97)

Training Packs:



- Autonomous Maintenance

- Effective Maintenance

- Poka Yoke (Errorproofing)

- SMED (Quick Changeover)

- SIPS (Standard In Process Stock)

(Total Value - $1049.79)


Bonus Training Packs:

- Value Stream Analysis, Current State

- Value Stream Analysis, Future State

(Total Value - $299.94)

Total Value of all these products = $1,499.70...

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