Dispelling The Myth

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Dispelling the Myths - Lean Case Study Coming Soon for Contact / Call Centre and Field Operations implementation programmes.

A couple of common 'Myths' that I've read over the last 10 years or so happen to involve a couple of pieces of work that we have been delivering quite recently, so I thought I'd give you pre-warning that we will be publishing on this site a couple of case studies within the next 3 months that will hopefully dispel the following myths:

  1. In a Contact Centre environment, you can't improve productivity without impacting Customer Service
  2. Lean / OpEx won't work in a Field Force Environment due to the Geographical nature of teams (Difficult to use Visual Management, Daily Performance meetings etc.)

We have developed proven methodologies for both these challenging environments to enable the typical benefits that you would see from a manufacturing / back office / transactional environment to be delivered by tailoring the Operational Excellence (Lean Six Sigma) deployment to the individual environment.

This approach allows the principles of Lean and Six Sigma to be applied in a flexible, fluid manner, based exactly upon the needs of the business.

For example, the Contact Centre approach has been deployed into over 12 different call centre environments, from inbound and outbound sales, to customer services to blended front / back office departments. All were slightly different, depending upon the needs and focus of that particular business but all delivered in excess of 20% uplift in productivity and a similar uplift in quality, whilst delivering a vastly improved level of consistency to the customer, enhancing the customer experience.

Similarly, in our recent Field Operations engagement, the approach was heavily tailored for the environment, whilst keeping the basic principles in place and delivering initial results that would make even the biggest critic call for an immediate deployment.

Of course, the first step in deciding exactly what the approach needs to be is always the Operational Diagnostic

The case studies for both these approaches will be coming soon.

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