Kaizen Jitsu

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Kaizen Jitsu, or the 'Art of Improvement'.

The name comes from the Japanese 'Kai' = Change, 'Zen' = Good (Change for the good, or 'Improvement') and 'Jitsu' = Art.

After all, it's pretty pointless making changes in any organisation if, once you walk away, the organisation simply go back to the old way of doing things. (Does this sound familiar ?)

There is a way of implementing change in any organisation and at the same time ensuring you have the full buy in of all staff, whilst subtly but steadily changing the corporate culture into one where the changes will be embraced, sustained and ultimately improved upon moving forward.

This however, has to be done 'during' the change process, not as an afterthought or a bolt on as part of a 'cultural change process' or 'people change' process as employed by some of the big consultancy players.

In the words of the old Japanese saying, 'If the student hasn't learned, the teacher hasn't taught', or in my words - 'If the changes didn't stick, you didn't do your job' (Assuming you're the person who implemented the changes)

The short video clip below will expand a little more and I'll be covering more on this page over the coming weeks. Specifically around the  'How'.

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