Business Diagnostic Part 2

Business Health Check

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Also, again, this video will show in the business diagnostics overview. Now, and this will take you through the next stages. So you've got your advance information, you've had a look through that, it won't give you any answers, which may well point you in the next direction.

So the overall the overall overview of the steps, you will advance information first. So get that and have a look at it. And then whatever data that you'd like to get hold additional analysis on.

Does it look good? Does it not look good? How does it performance, no doubt productivity measures? How good are those productivity measures?

Look at who the stakeholders are in the area that you're going to need to interview. So senior managers and middle managers, frontline managers, frontline staff, support staff, all these people can provide you with really useful insights.

Once you're in there, you need to carry out details of observation, observation of the process and meet the staff talk to the staff. So you want to know how that process was and how it worked. But there'll be a separate video dedicated to that, because that's quite a big thing, you get that right, it can point you to the root causes of any issues that are in that area.

Once you've got those root causes, you've got that diagnosis, you can very quickly  identify from that formula, what the improvement opportunities are and and what needs to be carried out to make them much more profitable and increase performance.

you may want to have been in the donor process observation is for data. So you will see things on the ground in the gemba that you didn't have. You were pretty upfront. So request that information, get out, do that analysis.

And then from that you can formulate your outputs from the diagnostic and the recommendations, what I would tend to do would be formulate that output, give recommendations, and then put in place, a plan and a series of options for the client to take forward and completely chosen which way they want to go with that stuff.

Next time we'll get into the process observations.

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