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The lean manufacturing methodology must be extended to other areas and functions in the organisation.  These other areas and functions can then gain an appreciation for the lean manufacturing methodology, helping to ensure its sustainability.  There are three elements to this transfer:


·        Transfer to new production preparation


·        Develop a model organisation


·        Extend to the enterprise.


Transferring to new production preparation


When a company has become competent in lean manufacturing, the thinking should be transferred to production preparation.  By focusing on new products, waste can be designed out from the outset, resulting in cost avoidance and built-in quality.


Develop a model organisation


As experience grows within an organisation, the concepts learned in the model value stream can be applied to create the model factory.  The concepts learned to create the model factory can then be applied to create a model organisation.  This is not simplistic and will require many years to complete.  Lean manufacturing should only be transferred to additional areas at a rate that the organisation infrastructure can support.  See Figure 23.


Extend to the enterprise


At an appropriate point in the transformation process, consideration should also be given to developing the supplier base.  The goal is to move from a model organisation to a model enterprise – encompassing the entire supply and delivery chains.  Experienced personnel should be used to transfer the learning to key suppliers through a standard approach.


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