Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification Online

Why Lean Six Sigma Training Online?

Because it doesn't matter if you're in the USA, Singapore, China, India, Mexico, UK or anywhere else in the world, using the online model you can get access to the same quality of training materials.

Unlike every other Certification program, we will show you HOW to make the change stick.

Why Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification?

The global recession is set to be with us for the next few years and one sector, more than any other is set to be in great demand – Improvement professionals.

Businesses need to remove costs from their operations to remain viable. They need to increase profitability and productivity, remove waste and variation from their processes in order to stay in business.

How will they do this? By employing Lean and Six Sigma ( Lean Six Sigma Training ) methodologies as part of business as usual. These skills are in great demand and there are a lot of experienced Lean Six Sigma professionals out there. The only way to ensure you get to the front of the queue and to the top of the earnings ladder is to become a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

Who Are We ?

The company is Beyondlean Ltd.

A registered Lean Six Sigma Training and consultancy based in the UK.

We have trained over 500 people in Lean Six Sigma methodologies in the last three years alone.

Our online Lean Six Sigma training & certification courses are overseen by our own in house Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, who is also our Managing Director and experienced specialist in the implementation of Lean Six Sigma methodologies within Blue Chip companies within the UK, (Paul Swift) he is also available for limited e-mail support, should you find yourself in need of it. (Although this course is designed for you to learn to solve problems for yourself!)

How does it work?

Lean Six Sigma Training

After completing payment, you will be directed to the student centre. This is where all the course materials are accessible to you along with an option to download all course materials to your pc for study offline.

You will need to study the materials in order at your own pace. Once you are comfortable and confident with the theory, you will complete the Lean Six Sigma Training Exam. The pass rate for the exam is 70%.

Once the exam has been passed, you can submit the Black Belt project summary, detailing the approach used and results attained. (Example project documentation is available within the student centre and is the recommended format, although this isn't compulsory.)

Below is an example of the Project Control Documentation that you will be supplied with as part of the lean six sigma training course and an overview of some of the other templates that you will get access to as part of the course:

Upon satisfactory appraisal of the project summary and a pass rate of greater than 70%, your Lean Sigma Black Belt Certificate will be mailed to your chosen address.

Your successful completion will be held on our records and can be verified by any potential employers.


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What does the average Black Belt earn?

According to Salary.com Salary Wizard® Basic Report, Date as of October 2006 - The average expected yearly salary for a typical Lean Sigma Black Belt is $88,958 (£59,344). When bonuses are averaged in, the Lean Sigma Black Belt yearly salary increases to $97,671 (£65,156).

However – even more lucrative earning potential exists when you look in the contract market. Some examples are shown here:

Interim Process/Lean/Six Sigma Consultants  -  UK, Germany, France & Netherlands

£400 - £700/day + expenses


Change Managers / Lean Sigma Consultants - UK wide and Asia

Associate roles: £300+ per day dependant on experience and position, + bonus + full expenses


The above roles are live roles, available right now. You will receive the link to this site as part of your Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification package.

With the majority of contractors now charging £300 - £700 per day for their services - and the use of contractors becoming much more widespread - this is a career move that is fast becoming an option for more and more Lean Sigma Black Belts. 


FAQ regarding Lean Sigma Online Certification

This Lean Sigma Certification Course is 100% online (Although the word ‘Online’ will not appear on your certificate). The course covers the Body of Knowledge of six sigma and lean manufacturing concepts in the PDCA model, integrated to deliver maximum results, which will enable the Black Belt to immediately participate and lead others in lean sigma projects. You will be certified by Beyondlean Ltd. who are a registered Lean Six Sigma Training and Consultancy company in the UK, with a team of Master Black Belts also available for onsite training and certification.

There are many advantages to an online course. The primary advantages are that the material will be learned to a greater depth, specific modules can be reviewed until learned, and questions are handled on a one-on-one basis with a Master Black Belt (Via E-mail).

Our Lean Six Sigma Training & Black Belt Certification course includes over 50 modules based on the DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) and PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) models. At the end of the course an exam is given to test that sufficient knowledge has been obtained to operate successfully as a Black Belt. The candidate may re-take the test until a 70% score is obtained. The candidate will also complete one full Lean sigma project utilizing the tools learned and following the two models. Upon successful completion of the exam and project, the Black Belt Certification is awarded to the candidate. Although there is no education requirement to take the course, it is recommended for individuals with at least average basic math skills although, it is more important for a Black Belt to understand the basic concepts, than to be a statistical genius.

Choosing the BEST Lean Sigma Training Provider for YOU


A simple search on Google will quickly reveal just how many choices there really are in the Lean Sigma marketplace. With so many choices to pick from and with each one screaming “pick me…pick me”, which one should you trust with the future of your company. Whether you are looking for a consultant or an online training provider, the same basic rules apply:

Make it fit your budget

Lean Sigma training and certification can go from hundreds to tens of thousands of pounds. Let’s face facts, whether you’re choosing the most expensive or the least expensive training provider... you will still learn the basic principles of Lean Sigma. Remember, whether you own a Ferrari or take the bus, you will undoubtedly be moving closer to your goal.

Will they just train you or will they train AND certify you?

Many training providers are just that… TRAINING providers. In a job market that treats you as “expendable”; it’s a safe bet to go with someone that offers certification.

What about the course content?

One of the most important tools for any Certified Black Belt is access to ready to use training and presentation materials. Many ‘Online’ Certification programs will simply take your money, get you to read a very thick book and take a series of exams, followed by a project summary. After this, you will receive your certificate. All well and good, until you need to go out and put all this into practice. This course comes complete with all the material you study in powerpoint format ready to download and use to train your own Green belts or present the concepts to stakeholders within your clients business.  

Our course content is available 100% online AND all course materials can be downloaded to be studied at your leisure. (All modules will be distributed with one user licence, so that you can transfer all content onto your own company slide template for immediate use).

Consultant or Online Training

In today’s fast-paced world classroom-based instruction is becoming extinct quicker than the Dodo. Online training is a must for any busy professional. But are they better than a consultant? Is reading a Spanish dictionary better than going to Spain? Having the direct communication with a consultant definitely has its advantages. Does it justify the £6,000+ cost difference? Many market trends are indicating a serious decline in consultant training. Many organizations today are more than eager to reduce the risk of any losses that could occur. But with the advent of the internet, the learning gap certainly does not seem to justify the price gap.



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