Lean Six Sigma & Operational Excellence deployment, coaching and skills transfer

What can Lean Six Sigma do for you?

Every business is set up perfectly - to deliver exactly the results it currently gets.

Is your business, department or division currently struggling in the areas of efficiency, quality, on time delivery to customers and rising costs? Then you are not alone but simply in the same boat as 99% of all other businesses.

The free business assessment tool, along with the special, unadvertised  bonus 'Standard Business Roadmap' e-mail course will give you a great starting point in identifying where some of your opportunities may lie and provide a comprehensive roadmap to deliver them.

Even if it only helps you spot one opportunity, it will have been worth 100 times the cost of your time to read it!

Over the Past 15 years, we have worked with a wide array of companies in several different sectors, saving them in excess of £20 million in documented benefits, as well as improvements to delivery lead times, reduction in risk exposure and quality improvements.

Our online Green Belt and Black Belt students deliver an average of £50,000+ in tangible benefits as a result of completing the course and in many instances have been promoted as a result.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt & Black Belt Certification

Why Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification?

We are currently giving a 90% discount on all our Lean Six Sigma Certification courses

The global recession is set to be with us for the next few years and one sector, more than any other is set to be in great demand – Improvement professionals.

Businesses need to remove costs from their operations to remain viable. They need to increase profitability and productivity, remove waste and variation from their processes in order to stay in business.

How will they do this? By employing Lean and Six Sigma (Lean Six Sigma Training & Lean Certification Online) methodologies as part of business as usual. These skills are in great demand and there are a lot of experienced Lean Six Sigma professionals out there. The only way to ensure you get to the front of the queue and to the top of the earnings ladder is to become a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

Lean Six Sigma Business Diagnostic

Are you are a small company with a limited budget looking for information or advice, or maybe wanting to get hold of some basic training material to roll out yourself in areas you have identified as needing some attention ? Whatever your needs, we will be able to help. Even if it's just some advice you need!

Have a look at our latest service offering - The 'Business Operations Diagnostic'

This service really does put the 'Big 4' Consultancy advice within reach of ALL businesses.

Why is it that many change programs falter or slow up after some initial success?

On the following pages we will show you exactly, step by step how to ensure this does not happen to your business when you embark upon the improvement or change journey.

One of the main errors in any change program is the assumption that people need very little training, particularly Senior Management.

If you want to really ensure your program gets off the ground and sticks - Get your senior management enrolled on a Lean Six Sigma Certification course as soon as you possibly can. This will ensure that the behaviours of the Senior Team will align with the direction of the improvement efforts. 

Our mission is a simple one. We aim to provide YOU with the tools and knowledge to engender change in YOUR business........In short we'll help you to help yourself.

We have developed a system that will work for any business.

A full breakdown of this is contained in our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training & Certification course, details of which are available at Online Black Belt Training & Certification