Beyond Lean Assessments

Total Business Diagnostic

It isn't just "Lean Assessments" that are carried out in the diagnostic phase of lean manufacturing, you will use a wide range of business assessment tools to evaluate EXACTLY where your business currently sits.

Shown below is the full suite of assessment tools you will be using.

Going beyond lean assessments, full diagnostic toolkit for lean manufacturing

While none of the diagnostic tools shown here are termed "Lean assessments", these tools will show you clearly how far you are away from being ready to implement "Lean Manufacturing", or any other improvement methodology in your business.

"Without a solid foundation in place, it is impossible to build anything worthwhile"

Here is a more detailed description of each of the diagnostic tools -

Business Assessment

This diagnostic tool will take you through a rigorous assessment of your "Business Basics". Honesty on your part is essential.

business assessment tool that automatically generates recommendations

This tool will make recommendations which will firm up your business foundation which will act as an enabler for the subsequent phases of the "Roadmap"(Copyright)

business assessment recommendations

The "results" part of this tool generates a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) as a percentage score to enable you to measure your progress as your journey unfolds.

lean assessment kpi's for business basics

Cultural Assessment

This diagnostic tool will take you through a full assessment of your companies cultural strengths and weaknesses and make automatic recommendations which will be used in subsequent phases of your journey.

cultural audit, cultural assessment with automatic recommendations

It will also give you a KPI score with which you will be able to measure your progress, (The same format as the business assessment shown earlier).

Stakeholder Analysis

This simple, yet amazingly powerful tool will enable you to construct a "Stakeholder Map" which will give you a visual representation of all key relationships and spheres of influence within your business.

stakeholder map showing vital relationships and spheres of influence

This is vital knowledge to have at hand when planning to introduce any type of change within your organisation.

Value Stream Map - Current State

value stream map current state

This includes a full training pack detailing Exactly how to produce a current state Value Stream Map.

This will give you a detailed view of your organisation's processes.

How the material and information flows

How much inventory you carry

Where the bottlenecks are

Total Lead time

Value added time


Most importantly - It will enable you to see your opportunities

Business Case

After the lean assessments, business assessments and other diagnostic tools have been used, you may need to put forward a business case (In your companies own format) for recommendations you will be taking forward from this phase of the "Roadmap"

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