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Lean Basics, Issue #004 -- Lean Diagnostic
July 13, 2021

Good afternoon,

More and more small and medium size businesses are benefitting from a business operations diagnostic - a professional review of their core activities and some expert recommendations on how to improve performance and quality and reduce costs and delivery lead time.

Unfortunately, these things have been perceived to be out of reach for most businesses as the consultancy fees which usually accompany this kind of detailed diagnostic are considered prohibitive for all but a few of the ‘Blue Chip’ companies. This is no longer the case. business-diagnostic

Regardless of the industry or sector, one key activity is ALWAYS used as the starting point – The Business Operations Diagnostic. This critical activity gives insight into key business issues and areas for improvement and forms the basis of all improvement activity that follows.

It goes without saying that without this activity, no improvements could be made, no benefits would be delivered and there would be no change to the bottom line (Which is usually the be all and end all for most big companies).

Unfortunately for most smaller businesses, this activity only comes linked to a larger piece of consultancy work and forms the basis for benefit estimations and planning, as well as being used to sell additional services into the client business but we’ve decided to change the rules around this and offer this ‘Business Operations Diagnostic’ as a series of video 'How to' guides to enable you to carry out your own business diagnostic Business-Operations-Diagnostic.html

What Kind of Business Operation would benefit from a Business Operations Diagnostic?

Small to Medium sized businesses (10 to 500 staff) that are experiencing issues in the following areas:

o Problems with product Quality

o On time delivery to customers

o Cost base not sustainable

o Productivity below required level (This is always the case)

o Staff Morale

o Space and stock levels

Small to medium sized departments within larger corporations with limited budgets for improvement activities

o May have inexperienced internal improvement team that needs initial direction

o Knows that they have cost reduction / performance improvement targets but don’t know what to do or how to do it

Venture Capitalists / Investment Groups

o Require initial review of viability and potential improvement possibilities prior to investment
I hope this issue was useful and you get some benefits from the videos.Wishing you all prosperity in everything you do!

Warm Regards,

Paul Swift.

07843 577771

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