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The SBR aims to assist you in implementing sustainable lean transformations in your organisations.  We possess a different approach than other lean manufacturing consultancies.  We take a systems view to implement sustainable change in a structured and methodical manner, while ensuring maximum knowledge transfer to the client via hands on application. Many other consultancies implement radical change through a series of “quick-hit” initiatives.  With this strategy, change may occur rapidly in the short term, but it often cannot be sustained in the long term.


Our approach encompasses four distinct characteristics to maximise the probability of sustainable change:


·        Narrow and deep


·        Creation of a model value stream


·        People-centred


·        Umbilical e-mail / telephone support.


The narrow and deep approach means applying many lean tools and techniques across a small area of the business.  By having a spike in one area, the has a benchmark and maximum exposure to lean concepts to help apply them elsewhere across the business.  Many companies attempt to achieve short-term gains through a broad and  shallow approach by applying a few concepts across a large portion of  the value stream.  Based on experience. The likelihood of sustainability is dramatically increased with a narrow and deep approach.  See figure 3.

The narrow and deep approach is applied on a model value stream for a business.  The model value stream itself may only be a segment of the customer’s value stream, but serves as a benchmark for what is possible.  The value stream represents all the activities necessary to deliver a product or service to a customer.  Consider the following model for delivery of value to the customer:  The entire value stream for an enterprise encompasses product design, pre-production, production, distribution, and service.  The value stream for  the actual manufacture of the product encompasses the entire supply chain, from raw material to delivery to the customer.  The value stream for the factory represents all the value-adding activities from receiving to shipping.  Within this value stream lies the model value stream.  Thereby, the concepts learned on the model value stream can later be applied across the entire value stream for the enterprise.  See figure 4.

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