Standard Business Roadmap

Implementation Manual








The purpose of the check list is to act as a guide for management leading the lean transformation.


Progress from one stage to the next in the lean transformation can only be made when all items in the stage have been satisfied.


  • Preparation


·        Have all appropriate management had an overview of the project?


·        Have senior management clearly demonstrated their commitment to proceed with lean transformation?


·        Has an appropriate pilot project area been identified?


·        Has a steering committee been created (Where applicable)?


·        Has a cross-functional implementation team been identified (Where applicable)?


·        Have the cross-functional team been communicated to & trained?


·        Have all of the following been appropriately communicated with?

-         Management

                        -         Unions

-         Shop floor

                        -         Support functions


·        Has a standard weekly report format been agreed and introduced?





·        Has a current state material and information flow diagram (Value stream map) been created?


·        Has a future state material and information flow diagram been created?


·        Has a Stakeholder Analysis been carried out?


·        Has the cultural audit been carried out?


  • Has the business assessment been conducted?


·        Have the material and information flow diagrams, performance metrics, implementation plans, detailed layouts and budget been presented to senior management?


·        Has the proposal been presented to:


-         Other management?

                        -         Support functions?

-         Shop floor Workers?


·        Has a contingency plan been developed to preserve quantity and delivery?


·        Have the management team indicated that they are happy to proceed?




  • Have the recommendations from the Diagnostic phase been followed?



Further actions in this phase will depend upon the outcomes from the Diagnostic phase




·        Has a functional vision for the business been created?


·        Have the detailed Tactical Implementation plans been created?


·        Has a list of priority improvement areas been created?


·        Has adequate resource been identified to fulfil the requirements?


·        Does a detailed timing plan exist specifying start and finish dates for future projects?


·        Have the future project activities been budgeted for?




·        Has a forum for programme review been created, dates assigned and service managers committed to attend?


·        Has the organisation adapted its Performance Management System to lean production activity?


Other actions carried out in this phase will be dependant upon the business involved.




  • Has a detailed evaluation of progress to date been carried out, including Current State Map, before and after photographs etc.?


  • Has the success so far been communicated and celebrated?




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