Standard Business Roadmap

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Hasten Issue resolution


A new process requires significant amount of support to resolve abnormalities.  All functions must provide priority attention to ensure that the benefits associated with the change are achieved, maintained, and subsequently improved upon.


The river and rocks is an analogy that is often used to demonstrate the need for rapid Issue resolution.  See figure 15.  The water level on a river is quite high, concealing all the rocks on the river floor.  The water level is a reflection of the “fat” or waste in the process; the rocks relate to the problems or abnormalities in the system.  As the ”fat” or waste in a system is eliminated, the water level drops.  This exposes more rocks.  A company must tackle and eliminate each abnormality as it is exposed in order to strengthen its manufacturing operations.  Management must avoid the temptation of reintroducing inefficiencies (“the fat”) in an attempt to conceal these abnormalities once again.


                        Figure 15 – The river and rocks analogy

Develop subconscious competence


Key to maintaining the model value stream is for people to develop a state of “subconscious competence”.  This means that people habitually conduct their activity in a way that supports the lean manufacturing methodology.  This is not easy to achieve, and normally companies evolve several times before attaining this ideal state:


1          Subconscious Incompetence          -           They don’t know what they      

                                                                                    don’t know.


2          Conscious Incompetence                -           They do know what they

                                                                                    don’t know.


3          Conscious Competence                  -           They know what they need to

                                                                                    do and try hard to achieve it.


4          Subconscious Competence            -           They habitually achieve a

desirable condition.




An example of the evolution states is learning to ride a bicycle.  Most people can probably now ride a bicycle without even thinking about it – they are subconsciously competent.  But to get to this stage one progressed from having tried to cycle and not being able to – conscious incompetence – to being able to ride only by fully focusing on task – conscious competence. 


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